Court Assistance Office

Power County has a part-time Court Assistance Office (CAO) located in the Magistrate Division of the Sixth Judicial District Court. The program offers self-represented litigants information regarding available forms and can outline the procedures related to Court Assistance cases. We also offer form … [Read more...]

Juvenile Detention

Juvenile Probation Officer  Connie Woodworth, Power County Juvenile Justice Administrator  Power County Chief Probation Officer  (208) 226-2522  Fax: (208) 226-7612  Cell: (208) 221-1067  Email:  Office … [Read more...]

Small Claims

Small Claims Packets are available at Magistrate Court. The packet provides the necessary forms to file and also an informative brochure furnished by the State of Idaho. Also available is a packet on how to collect your money from your Small Claims Judgment. There is a maximum claim limit of … [Read more...]

Public Defender

Robert O. Eldredge, Jr.Power County Public Defender 1347 E. Clark StreetPocatello, ID 83201 Telephone: (208) 233-3523 The Power County Public Defender's Office is a Court-appointed and retained attorney's office that services Power County. The services provided are available for those who are not … [Read more...]

Prosecuting Attorney

Anson L Call, II Power County Prosecuting Attorney 543 Bannock Ave. American Falls, ID 83211 Telephone: (208) 226-1230 Email: Hours: Monday through Friday; 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.   Duties Idaho Code §31-2601 specifies that the Prosecuting Attorney be an attorney … [Read more...]

Magistrate Court

Magistrate Court Judge Paul S. Laggis Sharee Sprague Clerk of the District Court Phone: (208) 226-7618 Fax: (208) 226-7612 Email: Law and Motion Adult Arraignment: Monday 12:00 p.m. Juvenile Arraignment: Wednesday 1:30 p.m. Magistrate Court Magistrate Court … [Read more...]

Our Girls

Power County "Our Girls" is a probation program designed to improve Power County Juvenile Justice system by targeting high-risk juvenile female offenders who struggle with drug and alcohol use, and mismanaged forms of aggression, assaultive behavior, and poor peer or family relationships. "Our … [Read more...]

Drug Court

Sixth District Magistrate Court, Power County Probation, Power County Office of the Prosecuting Attorney, Office of the Public Defender, and Road to Recovery established the Power County Drug Court, which began on December 5, 2000. The Power County Drug Court was designed to identify and direct … [Read more...]

Probation and Detention

Probation Contacts  Connie Woodworth, Power County Juvenile Justice Administrator  Power County Chief Probation Officer  Office: (208) 226-2522  Fax: (208) 226-7612  Cell: (208) 221-1067  Email:  Jessica Gonzalez, Administrative … [Read more...]

Jury Information

Sharee SpragueClerk of the District Court543 Bannock AvenueAmerican Falls, ID 83211 Phone: (208) 226-7610Fax: (208) 226-7612Email: Jim JeffriesJury Commissioner550 Gifford StreetAmerican Falls, ID 83211 Phone: (208) 226-2311Fax: (208) 226-7783Email: … [Read more...]