Agenda – November 12, 2013


9:00 a.m.:
Power County Commissioner H. Norman Wright – Commissioner District #2
Oath of Office – Magistrate Judge Paul S. Laggis

9:15 a.m.:
Power County Board of Canvassers (I.C. § 34-1205)
Municipal Election Canvass (11/05/2013)

9:30 a.m.:
Approval of October Commissioner Minutes

10:00 a.m.:
Ryan S. Petersen – Power County Prosecuting Attorney
Eliasen Law Office – Conflict Public Defender Contract

10:30 a.m.:
Jim Jeffries – Power County Sheriff
City/County Law Enforcement Agreement
Communications – Kimport Repeater Site (Syringa Wireless)

11:00 a.m.:
Dan Hammond, Chairman – Power County Urban Renewal Agency
Urban Renewal/Tax Increment Finance District

12:00 p.m. (noon):

1:00 p.m.:

1:30 p.m.:
Architect Lee Dille – Design Place, PLLC
Southeastern Idaho Public Health District Remodel – BID OPENING

2:00 p.m.:
Architect Lee Dille – Design Place, PLLC
Jim Jeffries – Power County Sheriff
Power County Jail Remodel (Warranty Work)

2:30 p.m.:
Linda Annen – Power County Indigent Services
Indigent Medical Applications

3:15 p.m.:
Di Jones – Power County Disaster Services
2012 EMPG Grant – Closeout

3:30 p.m.:
Power County Elected Officials/Department Heads Meeting
IAC 5th District Meeting (11/21/13)
Power County Information Systems Policy

4:30 p.m.:
Power County Jail – Quarterly Inspection (I.C. § 20-622)

Executive Session (I.C. § 67-2345)
Commissioner Appointments
Power County Building & Grounds – Sheriff’s Office (Sprinkler Quotes)
E-911 Annual Review (Fees)
Shoshone-Bannock Tribes – E-911 Grant/FMC Cleanup
Power County Airport – Dave & Nora Savage Lease
IAC Webinar (November)
Department of Energy – Hooper Springs Transmission Lines
Bureau of Land Management – Minidoka Ranger District  (Travel Plan)
Bureau of Land Management – Craters of the Moon (MOU/Sage Grouse Plan)
Paps Mountain – Communications Inventory (ICRMP)
Junior College – Certificates of Residency
Radio Communications Advisory Committee – Board Appointments
Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections – Juvenile Justice Annual Financial
Communications – Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security (Memorandum of Understanding)
Power County Employee Medical Benefit Plan – Gem Plan (Board of Trustees Nomination Form – District V)