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543 Bannock Ave
American Falls, ID 83211
(208) 226-7610

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American Falls.

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Election Information

The County Clerk is the chief registration official of their respective county; however, Idaho has a statewide voter registration system maintained by each Count as electors register to vote.  In Idaho, all voters must declare an affiliation with a recognized political party or declare themselves to not be affiliated with any political party (i.e. "unaffiliated").  If you don't select a party, you will be automatically designated as an "unaffiliated" voter, which may affect your ability to participate in a Primary Election, but will not affect any other elections.

For more information on declaring and affiliating with a political party please click here.

Upon request, the County Clerk will furnish a list of registered voters in their county, arranged by precinct. The person requesting such list will be assessed the following charge(s) in Power County: Full County-wide voter list (including County-wide Districts, i.e. Hospital and Highway) - $20.00; Per Precinct - $5.00; Per Taxing District (i.e. Schools, Cemetery, City) - $20.00; to compensate the county for the cost of reproducing the list. Any person obtaining a list of registered voters is prohibited by law from using such list for commercial purposes.

Declarations of Candidacy are available at the respective taxing district offices or at the Power County Clerk's Office, 543 Bannock Avenue, American Falls, Idaho.

Power County Clerk


Power County, Idaho   ●   543 Bannock Ave   ●   American Falls, ID 83211   ●   (208) 226-7610