Jury Information

Sharee Sprague
Clerk of the District Court
543 Bannock Avenue
American Falls, ID 83211

Phone: (208) 226-7610
Fax: (208) 226-7612
Email: ssprague@co.power.id.us

Jim Jeffries
Jury Commissioner
550 Gifford Street
American Falls, ID 83211

Phone: (208) 226-2311
Fax: (208) 226-7783
Email: jjeffries@co.power.id.us


Jurors for Magistrate and District Court

If you are called to serve as a juror on a specific date, please call (208) 226-1334 after 5:00 p.m. the evening before the trial for further reporting instructions.

We would like to express our appreciation and thank the jurors who have served in the past.