Minutes from July 23, 2015 LEPC:

Announcements: It is Steve Hayward’s last meeting as an official Government employee. July 31, 2015 is his last day working.


Steve Hayward: Most of the criteria’s on emergency situation training remain the same. There is a new LMS online for training purposes. All county workers are required to complete emergency situations courses. IS-100 and IS-200 are required for all new hires. As an employee rises in responsibility, further courses are required.

You can request classes through the State, using the new electronic form, found at www.idahoprepares.com. Any exercises done need to be returned to your local jurisdiction for the local program. In order to meet grant requirements, each county must complete 3 exercises per year. One of these exercises must be multi agencies and multi discipline. An exercise must address topics from your grant, it must have an after action report and an improvement plan. Exercises need to entered in GMS.


Di Jones: If your department agency organization performs an exercise, let Di know.


Training and exercise courses are listed on www.idahoprepares.com. All employees should sign-in to Idaho prepares for all emergency situation training courses, this makes it easier to track. If an employee lives out of American Falls, they should still put American Falls as there city, in order to view from Power County.

Multi-agency exercises need to include 2 or more departments.  

There will be a multi-agency exercise around September 16th, which will go over Hazmat Spills.

The Health Department is willing to help with an Ebola exercise or any infectious disease exercise. They can assist with training and help with the after action report. They will be having a table top exercise in December.

If there are any multi-agency exercises available, save the dates will be sent out to LEPC members in advanced.

An alternate command center would be a good idea, in case of the command center ever being unavailable. At least having a basic awareness on location of supplies.


Exercise ideas:

Safety Training- Local uniform officers and the danger of the dam.

Hazmat- Co-op


Grant Funding: Radio’s are not working very well. Do we need more BBA’s? Do they need relocated? We will get locations of where the radios are having problems picking up a signal and the distance they do not have a signal.

Regional LEPC will be held at the Health Department on August 11th at 1:30 pm.