Consumer Checklist – To-Do Prior to Purchase of Home

Contact Local Zoning and Building Department

 Zoning Issues:

  • Multi-sectional?
    • Minimum sq.ft (1000+)?
    • Permanent foundation?
    • Within 12 inches of grade?
    • 3:12 roof slope?
    • Prevailing siding & roofing?
    • Garage or carport?
    • Verified by review of local ordinances?

Building Department Issues:

  • Ordinance established snow loads?
    • Cost of permits – who obtains?
    • Site plans – manufactured installation specifications?
    • Permanent foundation plans?
    •  Required inspection stages?
      1. site preparation
      2. footings prior to pour
      3. stem walls – basement wall forms prior to pour
      4. footings and/or walls after removal of forms
      5. flat work – slabs
      6. masonry pours
      7. treated wood foundations
      8. masonry or steel piers
      9. skirting or fascia
      10. steps, decks ramps
      11. carports, garages
    • Who is responsible for inspection requests?
    • How much notice for inspection requests?
    • Are occupancy certificates available if required by lender?


Building Administrator
Planning and Zoning Department

Power County Courthouse
543 Bannock Ave.
American Falls, Id 83211
Phone: (208) 226-7610
Fax: (208) 226-7612


You must have a mask to enter County Buildings at this time. Only people that need to be present can be in the building. No visitors or non-essential people. No children without an appointment.

Out of County Residents REQUIRE an appointment for services.