Six Required Inspections – Reminder to Contractors

Attention Contractors:

There are six required inspections on each building permit issued for construction in Power County. These are mandatory inspections and must be completed before commencing to the next step of construction. It is the responsibility of the contractor to contact, or have his employer contact, the Power County Building Administrator as to the time that each required inspection is ready to be made. 

  1. An inspection record card is assigned to the permit holder when the permit is issued. 
  2. FOOTING INSPECTION is to be made after excavation for footings is complete and any required reinforcing steel is in place.
  3. FOUNDATION INSPECTION to be made.  For concrete foundations, forms and reinforcing steel shall be in place prior to inspection. All materials for the foundation shall be on the job, except where concrete is ready mixed in accordance with UBC Standard 19-3; the concrete need not be on the job. Where the foundation is to be constructed of approved treated wood, additional inspections may be required by the Building Administrator.
  4. CONCRETE SLAB OR UNDER-FLOOR INSPECTION to be made after all in-slab or under-floor building service equipment, conduit, piping accessories and other ancillary equipment items are in place, but before any concrete is placed. (Sec.108.5.4)
  5. FRAME INSPECTION to be made after the roof, all framing, fire-blocking and bracing are in and all pipes, electrical and ducts are approved. (Sec. 105.5.4)
  6. LATH &/OR GYPSUM BOARD INSPECTION to be made after all lathing and/or gypsum board joints and fasteners are in place, but before it is taped and finished. (Sec.108.5.5)
  7. FINAL INSPECTION to be made after finish grade and building is completed and ready for occupancy  (Sec.108.5.6)


Building Administrator
Planning and Zoning Department

127 Idaho Street
American Falls, ID 83211
Phone: (208) 226-7625