Agenda – January 10, 2011


9:00 a.m.:               Approval of December 2010 Commissioner Minutes

9:15 a.m.:               Oath of Office – 2010 General Election
                                                Vicki Meadows, Commissioner (District #2)
                                                Delane Anderson, Commissioner (District #3)
                                                Christine Steinlicht, Clerk of the District Court
                                                Deanna Curry, Treasurer
                                                Douglas Glascock, Assessor
                                                Mark Rose, Coroner
                                                Paul Laggis, Magistrate Judge

9:30 a.m.:               Power County Commissioner Appointments

9:45 a.m.:               Power County Elected Officials/Department Heads Meeting
                                                2011 Legislative Session
                                                Fiscal Year 2012 Budget Process
                                                Vacation/Compensatory Carry-over
                                                Power County Employee Medical Benefit Plan

11:00 a.m.:             George Spinner – Cascade Earth Sciences
                                                EPA Monitoring

11:30 a.m.:             Craig Heward – Power County Transfer Station/Landfill
                                                Rockland Dumpster Site

12:00 p.m. (noon):             Lunch

1:30 p.m.:              Claims

2:00 p.m.:              Brigham Griffin – Direct Communications
                                                Enhanced 911

2:30 p.m.:              Linda Annen – Power County Indigent Services
                                                Indigent Medical Applications

3:00 p.m.:              Jim Jeffries – Power County Sheriff
                                                Power County Jail – Jail Modifications (Idaho Jail Standards)
                                                Table Mountain Repeater Site
                                                Waterways/Vessel Account – Fiscal Year 2011 (Open Budget)

4:00 p.m.:              Rudy Pena – Community Education Foundations
                                                Adult Spanish GED Classes

Executive Session (Idaho Code §67-2345)
County Board Appointments
Human Relations Advisory Committee
2011 Election Consolidation – Designation of Polling Places (Idaho Code §34-302)
2011 Notice of Commissioner Meetings (Idaho Code §67-2343)
Fiscal Year 2011 Budget – Resolution Designating Contingency Funds
Gerald Fehringer Youth Center – Outdoor Signs
Lance Funk d/b/a Pleasant Valley Aviation – Delinquent Taxes/Lease
Shoshone-Bannock Tribes – Minority Communications Board
Idaho Capital Crimes Defense Fund – Board Member Ballot (At-Large Position)
Power County Treasurer – Order for Cancellation of Taxes
Guardianship Issues