Agenda – March 28, 2011


9:00 a.m.:       Randy Kline – Power County Prosecuting Attorney
                                    Power County Building & Grounds – Use Policy
                                    Power County Transfer Station/Landfill – Accounts Receivable
                                    Mediated Settlement Agreement – Open Budget Resolution

10:00 a.m.:     Di Jones – Power County Disaster Services
                                    Homeland Security Grant Packet (2010)

11:00 a.m.:     Craig Heward – Power County Transfer Station/Landfill
                                    DEQ Meeting Report – Groundwater/Greenhouse Monitoring                    

12:00 p.m. (noon):      Lunch

1:00 p.m.:      Claims

1:30 p.m.:      Board of Equalization (Idaho Code §63-501)

2:00 p.m.:      Deanna Curry – Power County Treasurer
                                    Order for Cancellation of Taxes

2:30 p.m.:      Linda Annen – Power County Indigent Services
                                    Appeal Hearing

4:00 p.m.:      Quarterly Jail Inspection – Idaho Code §20-622

Executive Session (Idaho Code §67-2345)
Family Service Alliance – Women and Victims Advocacy Program (City of Am. Falls)
Power County Historic Preservation Board
Power County Ambulance District – Ambulance #1 (Certified Dealer Assessment)
Falls Irrigation District – Declaration of Public Entities Landholdings
Great Rift Business Development – Economic Development Meetings
City of Rockland – Wastewater Treatment Plant (Letter of Support)
EMS Building – American Falls City & Power County Rural Fire Departments
IdeaCom ECSI – Power County Telephone System (Maintenance Contract)
2011 Legislative Session – Update
Power County Buildings – Property Management