Agenda – May 23, 2011


9:00 a.m.:                               Power County Treasurer – PUBLIC AUCTION
                                                              Power County Parcel #RPB0106-00
                                                              Power County Parcel #RPA1372-03

9:30 a.m.:                              Power County Board of Canvassers (Idaho Code §34-1205)
                                                             Consolidated Election Abstract (05/17/11)

10:00 a.m.:                            PUBLIC HEARING – Power County Resolution #29011-02
                                                             Open Fiscal Year 2011 Budget 

10:30 a.m.:                            Deanna Curry – Power County Treasurer
                                                             Power County Investment Committee Report
                                                             Power County Parcel #MHZ0096-00 (Warrant of Distraint)
                                                             Power County Parcel #RPA0812-00 (Tax Deed)

11:00 a.m.:                            Shane Harris/Brett Hill – Computer Arts, Inc.
                                                            Fiscal Year 2012 Budget (Property & Tax Management Program)

12:00 p.m. (noon):                Lunch

1:00 p.m.:                             Approval of April Commissioner Minutes

1:15 p.m.:                             Claims

1:30 p.m.:                             Power County Board of Equalization (Idaho Code §63-501)

2:00 p.m.:                             Kim Hellmendollar – Power County Misdemeanor Probation
                                                           Policy & Procedure Manual
                                                           Fiscal Year 2012 Contract Renewal
                                                           Power County Building & Grounds – 528 Gifford

2:30 p.m.:                             Linda Annen – Power County Indigent Services
                                                          Indigent Medical Applications

3:00 p.m.:                             Jeremy Field – Office of U. S. Senator Jim Risch
                                                         Status Report

3:30 p.m.:                             Di Jones – Power County Ambulance/Disaster Services
                                                         Homeland Security Grants
                                                         Status Reports

4:00 p.m.:                             Launa Snow – Snow Property Management
                                                         Property Management Proposals

4:15 p.m.:                             Kay Stilwell – 506 Gifford Avenue
                                                         Property Management/Lease

4:30 p.m.:                             Rudy Pena – Power County Adult Education Program
                                                        Spanish GED Graduation

Executive Session (Idaho Code §67-2345)
Power County Airport – Grants/Budget
Economic Development – Proposed Event Park (Power County Airport)
Table Mountain Repeater Site
Tom Henesh d/b/a Indian Springs Natatorium – Witness/Travel Fees
Power County Transfer Station/Landfill – Demolition Pit
Bannock County Waterways – Request for Funding
Power County Building & Grounds – Property Management Proposals
Power County Building & Grounds – 506 Gifford (Duplex Property) – Lease Agreement
Power County Building & Grounds – Parking Lot/Sidewalks/Driveway Repairs
Fiscal Year 2012 Budget – Request Hearings Agenda
Southeastern District Health Department – Annual Budget Hearing (05/26/11) – RSVP
ECSI Executone – Telephone System Upgrade (AudioMax)
Eastern Power County Fire District – Wildland Urban Interface Fire Code
Alcohol Beverage Licenses