Agenda – May 9, 2011


8:45 a.m.:       Gary Thomsen – Power County Building & Grounds
                                    Parking Lot/Sidewalk Repair and Replacement

9:00 a.m.:       Randy Kline – Power County Prosecuting Attorney
                                    Buildings & Grounds – Property Management Proposals

9:30 a.m.:       Deanna Curry – Power County Treasurer
                                    Monthly Report (Idaho Code §31-2113)
                                    Warrant of Distraint (Parcel #MHZ0096-00)
                                    Tax Deeded Property (#RPA0812-00 & #RPA1372-03)

10:00 a.m.:     Connie Shepherd – Power County Juvenile Probation Office
                                    Community Service Program

11:00 a.m.:     Robert Steinlicht – Power County Building Administrator
                                    Planning & Zoning – Emergency Services Exemption (#10-18-4)

11:30 a.m.:     Sandy Sorrell – Southeastern District Health Department
                                    Quarterly Report

12:00 p.m. (noon):      Lunch

1:00 p.m.:      Commissioner Minutes

1:15 p.m.:      Claims

1:30 p.m.:      Power County Board of Equalization (Idaho Code §63-501)
                                    Hardship Exemption Application (Idaho Code §63-711)
                                    Circuit Breaker Exemptions (Idaho Code §63-706)

2:30 p.m.:      Linda Annen – Power County Indigent Services
                                    Indigent Medical Applications

3:00 p.m.:      Craig Heward – Power County Transfer Station/Landfill Supervisor
                                    Demolition Pit

Executive Session (Idaho Code §67-2345)
Table Mountain Repeater Site
Power County Airport – ICRMP Aviation Policy Renewal/Stan Bearup Verizon Account
Bannock County Waterways – Request for Funding
Junior College – Certificates of Residency