Agenda – November 28, 2011


9:30 a.m.:       Randy Kline – Power County Prosecuting Attorney
                                    Arbon Valley Herd District

10:00 a.m.:     Tim Bennett – Vector Disease International, Inc.
                                    Mosquito Abatement District

10:30 a.m.:     Linda Annen & Jennifer Rupp – Power County Indigent Services
                                    Indigent Medical Applications

11:30 a.m.:     Conflict Public Defender – SEALED BID OPENING

12:00 p.m. (noon):      Lunch

1:00 p.m.:      Claims

1:30 p.m.:      Power County Board of Equalization – Idaho Code §63-501
                                    Tax Cancellation Request (B. Williams – Arbon Dumpster Site)

2:00 p.m.:      Cassia County Commissioners
                        Power/Cassia Joint Citizens Task Force
                                    Gateway West Transmission Line Project

Executive Session (Idaho Code §67-2345)
County Christmas Party
Table Mountain Repeater Site
Gem Plan Board of Trustees – Election Forms (District V/Member-at-Large)
Junior College – Certificates of Residency
Shoshone-Bannock Tribes – Jurisdictional Issues