Agenda – October 29, 2012


9:00 a.m.:               Jim Halderson – Power County Veteran Service Officer (Retired)
                                                Certificate of Appreciation

9:15 a.m.:               Christine Steinlicht – Power County Clerk
                                                Quarterly Financial Reports (Idaho Code §31-1611)
                                                Fiscal Year 2012 Budget – Independent Audit (Deaton & Company)

9:30 a.m.:               Deanna Curry – Power County Treasurer
                                                Tax Deed Sale – PUBLIC AUCTION
                                                Monthly Report (Idaho Code §31-2113)
                                                Annual Report (Idaho Code §31-2112)

10:00 a.m.:             Christine Steinlicht – Power County Clerk
                                Deanna Curry – Power County Treasurer
                                                Joint Quarterly Report (Idaho Code §31-2306)

10:15 a.m.:             Linda Annen & Jennifer Rupp – Power County Indigent Services
                                                Indigent Medical Applications
                                                Accounts Receivable Report (September 30, 2012)

10:45 a.m.:             Di Jones – Power County Ambulance District Director/Disaster Services
                                                2012 EMPG Power County Award Packet
                                                Ambulance District Accounts Receivable – September, 2012

11:00 a.m.:            Jim Jeffries – Power County Sheriff
                               Lee Dille – Design Place, PLLC
                                                Jail Remodel – Monthly Architect Report

11:30 a.m.:           Jackie Edlefsen – Idaho Disposal Systems
                                                Power County Solid Waste Contract

12:00 p.m. (noon):              Lunch

1:00 p.m.:             Claims

1:30 p.m.:             Jim Jeffries – Power County Sheriff
                                                Power County Rural Address System – Fort Hall Indian Reservation

2:30 p.m.:             Lennart Nivegard – Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections
                                                Sixth District Liaison Report

3:00 p.m.:             Tim Bennett – Vector Disease Control International, Inc.
                                                Mosquito Abatement – Year End Report
                                                Professional Services Agreement (Expired 12/30/12)

3:30 p.m.:             Brock Kelsey – Bingham Cooperative, Inc.
                                                Power County Airport – Aviation Fuel

4:00 p.m.:             Power County Elected Officials & Department Heads Meeting
                                                Paula Jones – Three Rivers RC&D (Grants)
                                                Associated Tax Payers of Idaho – Annual Conference
                                                Idaho Association of Counties – November Webinar

Power County Airport – Courtesy Car
Junior College – Certificate of Residency