Agenda – October 27, 2014


Monday, October 27th, 2014

9:00 a.m. Terrell Sorensen – Falls Irrigation District
Power County Farm Lease (73.4 Acres) – Chris Fehringer

9:30 a.m. Di Jones – Power County Ambulance District/Disaster Services
Ambulance Accounts Receivable Report (September, 2014)
911 Information

10:00 a.m. Bureau of Land Management – Road Closures

10:30 a.m. Christine Steinlicht – Power County Clerk
Clerk’s Quarterly Financial Report (I.C. #31-1611)

10:45 a.m. Christine Steinlicht – Power County Clerk
Deanna Curry – Power County Treasurer
Clerk/Treasurer Joint Quarterly Report (I.C. #31-2306

11:00 a.m. Deanna Curry – Power County Treasurer
Treasurer’s Monthly Report (I.C. #31-2113)
Treasurer’s Annual Report (I.C. #31-2112)

11:30 a.m. Jim Jeffries – Power County Sheriff
Power County Jail Medical – Badger Medical
Deputy Sheriff Uniform Allowance
Marine Patrol Building
Power County Courthouse Remodel – Security Area

12:00 noon              Lunch

1:00 p.m. Claims

1:30 p.m. Ryan Sargent – Power County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney

Chris Fehringer Farm Lease Agreement

2:00 p.m. Bruce Olenick – Idaho Department of Environmental Quality
Quarterly Status Report

2:30 p.m. Ryan Petersen – Power County Prosecuting Attorney
Eastern Idaho Recycling & Salvage – Scrap Metal Agreement
FY 2015 Salary Waiver/Agreement
Cellular Telephone Reimbursement

3:00 p.m. Kurtis Workman, President – American Falls Chamber of Commerce
Chamber Christmas Festivities

3:30 p.m. Linda Annen & Jennifer Rupp – Power County Indigent Services
Indigent Medical Applications

4:30 p.m. Curtis Munk – Power County Weed Department Supervisor
Cloud Seeding

Executive Session (I.C. #67-2345)
Snow Removal Contract
Power County Buildings & Grounds – Farm Lease (Pump Replacement)
Power County Buildings & Grounds – Houtz Canyon Recreation Area (Parking Lot)
Idaho Association of Counties – FY 2015 Webinars
University of Idaho – Power County Extension Department (Annual Survey)
Southeast Idaho Council of Governments – Grant Agreement
Commissioner Agenda – November & December
Pocatello Regional Transit – Funding Letter
Power County Transfer Station & Landfill – Ventilation Plan
Power County Veteran Service Officer
Power County Buildings & Grounds – Courthouse Annex (Access Ramp Quote)