Power County Historical Society & Museum

Bethany Hospital. Now the Power County Historical Society museum.


500 Pocatello Ave.
American Falls, Idaho 83211

Phone: 208-226-1325

Facebook:  Power County Museum 


The museum opens May thru Labor Day.

The museum is open every Thursday from 10:00 to 2:00. We also open for tours during the week. To schedule a tour please call Doris, the museum director, at 208-226-5058.



Reflection of the past while looking forward to the future

Mission Statement

Our mission is the preserve, educate and promote understanding and appreciation of the history and cultural heritage of Power County. We will help all ages take time to reflect on the rich heritage of the past while looking forward to the future.

Exhibits, Walking Tours, and a Research Library

We are excited as a Historical Society/Museum about the progress of the Power County Museum. We had our grand opening during the American Falls Day celebration in 2007. The Power County Historical Society/Museum occupies part of the old Bethany Deaconess Hospital. The building was started in 1926 and was completed the following year.  

The Museum has a limited number of books on the local area for sell. They include the Rockland Book, Bannock Valley by Laurie Ward (which is the Arbon Area), The Whole Dam Story: The Drowning and Rising of a River City in the West by Ella Rast. We also have Bonnets for sale.

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The museum features exhibits detailing the history and development of Power County. Visitors take a trip back to the era of the moving of the town to make way for the American Falls Dam. We have pamphlets available with the list of National Historic Places in American Falls.

You can enjoy a walking tour of the places that have been moved. Displays at the museum include: A Industry Room, Medical and Home Exhibits, Art Exhibits.

A research library and large collection of historical photographs are also available. We also have slideshow presentations that are available to be shown.

We are also collecting personal histories. The Historical Society has a newsletter that is free through the email. If you would like to receive it please send a request to [email protected].

Some of the ongoing projects the Historical Society includes:
Gathering Personal Histories of the families who have lived in Power County. You can contact the Historical Society or Museum for more information. We are also gathering Photo’s of the area and are looking for old time machinery, homesteads and businesses. If you are interested in becoming a member or for more information contact the Historical Society President: Ken Estep at (208) 335-2172.

The Historical Society would like to thank the community for sharing their artifacts for all to enjoy. A special recognition goes to: Dave Bethke, Laurie Call, Ken Estep, Doris Garrison, Marge Glascock, Helen Kittridge, Arlys Mayer, Galen McMaster, Francis Petell, and Betty Phillips. They have been instrumental in seeing the Museum get started. Special thanks goes to Ron Galloway for his generous donations of the display cases, and the members of the community how have come to help move display cases. Dianne May has scanned the historical pictures for the Historical Society and we are grateful for her dedication and for also doing the Newsletter.

THE POWER COUNTY AND AMERICAN FALLS HISTORICAL PRESERVATION COMMISSION’S PURPOSE is to preserve historical buildings in Power County. The commission nominates buildings in the community to be nominated for the National Register of Historic Places. The places that are on the National Register of Historic Places are the Oregon Trail District, Register Rock, American Falls East Shore Power Plants, American Falls Reservoir Flooded Town Site, Oneida Milling and Elevator Company Grain Elevator, Bethany Deaconess Hospital, Power County Court House, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Richard and Winnie Warwas house, William Davie house, and the Walter Sparks house.