Adult Misdemeanor Probation Officer

Wade Dishion
Adult Misdemeanor Probation Officer, Contracted

569 Bannock Ave.
American Falls, ID 83211

Cell: (208) 869-6042
Fax: (208) 226-5498

Email: [email protected]


Job Purpose

Power County Adult Misdemeanor Probation Officer is a contracted officer (not an employee of Power County) who monitors individuals on adult probation to ensure that they comply with the conditions placed on their release into the community by the Courts. Supervision of activities include community surveillance of the individual, referrals to service providers for treatment and reduction, drug testing, search and seizure, and to ensure compensation has been made to the victims of crime while holding offenders accountable and offering them opportunities to make positive changes in their lives.

In the event an offender has failed to adequately follow the probation orders given by the Court, it is the responsibility of the Probation Officer to return the offender to court for further appropriate action. Probation Officers work in partnership with local law enforcement to ensure community protection.

Job Description

  • To assist the Court in the protection of the community by monitoring and enforcing the conditions of probation as ordered by the Court through regular office visits or field contact.
  • To provide each probationer with every opportunity to successfully reintegrate into his/her community as a law-abiding, peaceful, and productive member of the community.
  • Attempt to rehabilitate each probationer by identifying problems and referring him/her to appropriate service providers for treatment and see that the probationer completes the services they need.
  • To enforce court orders which at times require the Probation Officers to make arrests, perform searches, seize evidence, and perform drug/alcohol tests.
  • To coordinate and work with the local law enforcement agencies.
  • To write reports and recommendations for the Courts and appear in Court to testify on issues of compliance with or violation of terms of probation.
  • To enforce restitution when appropriate.