Drug Court

Sixth District Magistrate Court, Power County Probation, Power County Office of the Prosecuting Attorney, Office of the Public Defender, and Road to Recovery established the Power County Drug Court, which began on December 5, 2000.

The Power County Drug Court was designed to identify and direct treatment toward offenders who have been identified as having substance abuse/addiction issues.

A to Z Counselling Services provides substance abuse group treatment, individual counselling and other necessary counselling services to drug court participants and their families on a weekly basis.

Additionally, members of the Power County Drug Court attend Cognitive Self Change (CSC), Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT), and other behavior correction/modification counselling services weekly. Participants are also required to attend self-help meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous, faith based alcohol counselling and individual alcohol counselling.

Participants are subject to random urinalysis testing (drug testing) and random home visits/searches during the course of the program.

The Power County Drug Court consists of five phases with advancement based on phase compliance and completion. Estimated time to complete the program is thirteen months. During attendance in the program, participants contractually agree to remain free from alcohol and drug use, and any violation of program rules may result in an immediate consequence to the offender.

These consequences can range from Community Work Service, Discretionary Incarceration time, to termination from the program, which results in the defendant serving the balance of their suspended sentence.

Participants are court ordered. For further inquiries into Power County Drug Court, please contact Deanna Smith (208) 251-5489.