Probation Officer/Drug Court Officer

Deanna Smith
Drug Court Coordinator, Contracted

(208) 251-5489
Fax: (208) 226-7612



Job Description

  • Participate in the Drug Court in areas of being the eyes and ears for the Court while the participant is attempting to stay off drugs and or alcohol and live a productive life within society.
  • Provide rehabilitation in the form of teaching educational studies to those on Drug Court Help the participant with defining and achieving life gals both in the present and the future.
  • Perform random checks at probationers’ residents, place of employment, and daily living areas for people or items that may violate a probationer’s agreement with the Court or Drug Court.
  • Perform duties of a Liaison between our Law Enforcement agencies and the Probation Department during times of Search Warrants, and large Arrests of offenders.
  • Work with Law Enforcement in achieving societal goals in the areas of drug reduction, thefts, burglaries, status offences, gang identification, and intelligence gathering for the greater good of our community.


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