Our Girls

Power County “Our Girls” is a probation program designed to improve Power County Juvenile Justice system by targeting high-risk juvenile female offenders who struggle with drug and alcohol use, and mismanaged forms of aggression, assaultive behavior, and poor peer or family relationships.

“Our Girls” is designed specifically around juvenile female issues including drug abuse, eating disorders, and low self-esteem. Topics for addressing low self-esteem include physical appearance, identifying positive relationships, and unfair media stereotypes.

This program, in addition to holding juvenile female offenders accountable, is impacting the rate of recidivism, as well as the commission of new crimes, by building a solid foundation of self-esteem development by targeting the specific issues surrounding the development of a healthy female self-esteem.

Topics also include addressing drug and alcohol abuse, body image, reframing negative self-talk, and identifying positive and healthy relationships. Curriculum also includes discussion on sexually transmitted diseases, teen dating issues, domestic violence, etiquette, and significant women in history. Additionally, one session of Our Girls per year will be offered to limited-English and migrant girls with respect to their cultural differences.

Program Referrals

Referrals to Our Girls evolve from the court, Juvenile probation, law enforcement, the community, and from individual families.

Ms. Connie Woodworth, Power County Chief Probation Officer, facilitates the program. Ms. Woodworth has in the past been employed with School District #381, specifically at the William Thomas Middle School working with students who have limited English skills. Additionally Ms. Woodworth is the administrator of the Power County Parent Project and is also a trained facilitator for that program.

“Our Girls” averages a classroom size of fifteen (15) students per session. Power County “Our Girls” has run as an after school program and also as a elective class for girls at William Thomas Middle School. It is offered free of charge. It is our expectation to be able to offer three (3) sessions annually. For further information please call the Power County Probation Department at (208) 226-2522.

Connie Woodworth, Power County Juvenile Justice Administrator