Recorder Fees

Only original or a certified copy of document can be recorded.  No copies or faxes will be accepted for recording. All documents must have a notary and not exceed 81/2”x 14”. Larger pages will be charged as two (2) pages. We need a space of 2”x 3” for recording information on the front or last page. We will charge an additional $3.00 to put information on back of last page if the space is not available. Your original document will be returned to you, please include a postage paid self-addressed envelope and make your check payable to the “Power County Recorder.”  The mailing address is:

Power County Courthouse
Attn.: Recorder
543 Bannock Avenue
American Falls, ID 83211

Click here for Power County Resolution No. 2010-08 regarding Power County’s new Public Records Fee Schedule.

For copies of BIRTH AND DEATH RECORDS contact Vital Statistics (208-334-5983) P.O. Box 83720, Boise, ID 83720.  We may have birth and death records filed between 1907-1911.

EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2017.  Recording fees in the State of Idaho on the following four classes of documents will be a flat fee for the first 30 pages and then $3.00 for each additional page.  All other documents that do not fall within the four classes will be charged at the standard rate of $10.00 for the first page and $3.00 for each additional page.  Classes and flat rate fees are;

a.  Deeds, grants and conveyances of real property.  $15.00
b.  Trust deeds or mortgages of real property, including fixture filings, security agreements and assignments of leases and rents, if contained within the same instrument for recording.  $45.00
c.  Reconveyances of trust deeds, including a substitution of trustee if contained within the same instrument for recording and releases of mortgages. $15.00
d.  Powers of attorney.  $25.00

All other recording fees are as follows;

Recorder’s Fees

Recording for first page



Each page after first to be recorded


Certification of copies


Computer Printouts (first page)



Additional Pages (per page)


Comparing Prepared Copy (per page)



Certification of the above


Copies of Recorded Documents (per page)



Certification of the above document (full document)


Acknowledgments, including seal   1.00

Lien Searches (per name)




Marriage Licenses


Conformed copies


Notaries (the Courthouse has several notaries)


Passport Fees (Click here for Passport Information)


Making and certifying a report of search (Federal or State Lien) upon
personal property, excluding UCC, for each name searched



UCC Search with copies (per name)


UCC Search only (no copies per name)


Each certificate under seal there shall be an additional fee



If you have any questions please contact the Recorder’s Office.