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Once the booking process has been completed the inmate will be allowed to make a phone call to notify family or friends of his/her custody and charge(s). Bond information (if applicable) may also be discussed.

There is a $10.00 bond fee for every bond posted. A $10.00 fee will apply for each charge (unless grouped under one bond by order of a judge) or warrant filed against an inmate. The bond fee must be paid separate from the bond amount. Bonds that are not accompanied with the separate $10.00 fee will not be processed.

The exact amount is required for all payments as the Power County Sheriff’s Office/Detention Division cannot provide change.

U.S. currency, cashier checks, money orders and surety bonds are the only accepted methods of payment for a bond or bond fee. Cashier checks and money orders are payable to POWER COUNTY.


The Telmate® kiosk offers friends and family a convenient, accessible and localized option to add funds to any inmate account by allowing them to make deposits to inmate pre-paid accounts from any Telmate® kiosk in any facility. Pre-paid phone deposits cannot be transferred to the Commissary account. Deposits may also be made online at http://pay.telmate.com and over the phone at 866-516-0115.

If the inmate’s account is in a minus balance, deposited funds will satisfy the minus balance before being made available for Commissary purchases.


Commissary items are provided by an outside contractor that offers a variety of hygiene, food, office products and over-the-counter medication.

Commissary order forms are issued on Sunday evenings and items will be delivered on Tuesday afternoons (except for holiday interruption). Once order forms are printed any money deposited on an inmate’s account will not be available for Commissary purchases until the following week.


Inmates are allowed personal visits two days a week. Each visit will consist of twenty minutes and are on a first come-first serve basis.

Wednesday – 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Saturday – 8:00 am to 12:00 pm

Thursday – 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Sunday – 8:00 am to 12:00 pm

No more than two people per visiting party will be allowed in the visiting booth (a maximum of three parties of two in the room at any given time). Visitors may see more than one inmate but may not visit any inmate more than one time per day. Visits may be electronically monitored. Children under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and will not be left unattended.

Prior to entering the visitation room all visitors must first register with the Dispatch Division and provide legal identification (Drivers License, Military ID, Tribal ID, Passport or a Green Card with 1-9 form). Visitors may not bring handbags, cameras, cell phones, food, smoking or writing materials into the visitation room.

Visitors must be appropriately dressed. No bare shoulders, feet or stomach. Any guest wearing short shorts or skirts, low-cut clothing or a garment deemed provocative will be denied a visit.

Visitors under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to visit. Any visitor passing or attempting to pass unauthorized items to an inmate may be charged under Idaho Code 20-627.

Extended visits may be approved by the Detention Lieutenant or Sergeant for visitors who travel from distant areas. Either Officer must be contacted a minimum of 24 hours in advance to request an extended visit.


Clergy visits are not allowed during regular inmate visitation hours. Clergy visits are also not allowed one hour prior to or following all scheduled meals. Meals are served daily at 6 am, 12 noon and 5 pm.

It is mandatory that all clergy provide their religious credentials and legal photo identification. All clergy individuals are subject to search before entering the Detention Division.


Incoming and outgoing mail is available to inmates Monday through Saturday. No mail, letters, notes, etc. will be accepted for any inmate that has not been sent through the U.S. Postal Service.

Incoming mail with a return address must be addressed to the inmate with the same name by which the inmate is booked.

Power County Detention Division
Inmate (Full Name)
550 Gifford Avenue
American Falls, Idaho 83211

All incoming mail is opened and searched for contraband or evidence of criminal activity. Mail sent by a legal representative is opened only in the presence of the inmate.

Inmates may receive paperback books or magazines only when they are purchased and shipped directly to the Detention Division from the publisher or bookstore. Publications which jeopardize the security or safety of inmates and staff or are sexually explicit or graphic in nature are prohibited. No hardback books are allowed.


Inmates have daily access to cell block telephones and can either place a collect call or use pre-paid funds.

The Telemate® “GettingOut” inmate telephone service provides simple and reliable communication between inmates, friends and family. Visit their website for more information.

Cell block telephone calls are electronically monitored with the exception of attorney calls.

The Detention Division will not relay telephone calls or personal messages either to or from an inmate. An Officer is permitted to advise the custody of an inmate but any further details are strictly confidential.


Health items such as prescription eyeglasses, dentures, crutches, prescription medication in original packaging (pending in-house medical approval), prosthesis, hearing aids and medical alert bracelets or necklaces approved by medical staff will be accepted.

Religious items must be approved by a Detention Division Officer.

Inmates may have in their possession a maximum of ten non-Polaroid® family photos that do not exceed more than 5″ x 8″ in size. Personal photographs of a sexual nature will not be allowed.

White under garments (including thermal underwear) in the original unopened packaging may be accepted. No used items are allowed.

All packages other than legal mail are subject to thorough inspection. Trustee inmates (having direct approval from the Detention Division Lieutenant or Sergeant) may receive only unopened bottled sodas or water and only during Wednesday visitation hours.


The Detention Division in-house medical provider is scheduled for weekly non-emergency medical visits. Under Idaho Code 20-619 an inmate may be charged $20.00 for each visit and full fees (including prescription) will be deducted from his/her trust fund account.

If at any time the account incurs a negative balance it may be sent to a financial agency for collection.

Idaho Statutes
Code 20-601 — Code 20-628



  • A cash bond can be paid with cash or with credit card. No checks!
  • It costs the bond amount plus a non-refundable $10 Sheriff’s fee. Example: Bond is set at $5,000. It will cost you $5,000 plus $10 non-refundable Sheriff’s fee.
  • If your case is dismissed, the entire bond amount posted will be returned to you or the person who posted the bond. You will not get the $10 Sheriff’s fee back.
  • If you plead guilty or are found guilty, the bond may be used to help pay any of your outstanding fines, fees, costs and/or restitution. Any amount remaining will be returned to you or the person posting the bond.
  • If you fail to appear for your court hearings, the bond money will be defaulted and given to the courts while a warrant is issued for your arrest. The cash bond can be reinstated if you turn yourself into the courts within 6 months of your failure to appear!


  • A bailbond agency is licensed by the State of Idaho to sell surety bonds to individuals;
  • It costs 10% of the bond amount, plus a $35.00 surety bond fee and a $10.00 Sheriff’s fee. These monies are not refundable. Example: Bond is set at $5,000. It will cost you $500, $35.00 surety bond fee and $10.00 for Sheriff’s fee — total of $535 for the service of the bailbond agency plus the $10 Sheriff’s fee. You will not get any of this money back.
  • They can also require you or the person who is working with them to provide a car title, money, credit card or whatever they feel necessary as collateral. This is a separate transaction and is not associated with the court bond. The surety bond agency wants to insure as much as possible that they do not lose money by posting a surety bond for you.
  • If you don’t come to court, the surety bond agent has 6 months to return you to court or they have to pay $5,000 cash (or whatever your bond was set at) to the courts.
  • You might consider using a bailbond agency if you do not or cannot get enough cash to cover the bond amount but know that the money you pay them is their fee and not refundable. This is a business transaction.


This is a complicated process and involves the equity in property that is twice the entire bond amount set. Contact an attorney.

If you have further questions, please call the Trial Court Administrator’s office at (208) 236-7379.

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