Great Rift Business Development Organization

The Great Rift Business Development Organization (GRBDO) is comprised of a board of interested citizens, and community and industry leaders from Aberdeen, American Falls, and Rockland. The organization was established in 2006, and has a board of directors who oversee the activities of the part-time director. The organization was founded to help retain existing businesses, and also recruit new business to the area.

The five goals of the Great Rift Business Development Organization include the following:

  • Business Retention and Expansion
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Recruitment
  • Entrepreneurial Support

Through the efforts of this non-profit organization, the economic sustainability of the area will be increased, and efforts towards recruitment of new business will be initiated, to help provide for economic stability and growth in the future. Please call or e-mail the director for more information on how you can begin a new business or discuss ways to help improve the business you currently have. Our organization provides services free of charge, and look forward to meeting with you to improve or implement your business goals.

Kristen Jensen, Director
Great Rift Business Development Organization
550 N. Oregon Trail
American Falls, ID 83211
Office: (208) 226-5931
Cell: (208) 380-1719


Board Members

Stuart Pankratz, President
City Council Member, American Falls, ID

Mary Leisy, Vice President 
City Council Member, Aberdeen, ID

Dan Hammond, Secretary 
City Council Member, American Falls, ID

Rose Elquezabal  
Planning and Zoning Member, Aberdeen, ID

Mark Lupo 
Idaho Power Community Relations Representative

Brett Crompton
Owner, Power County Press
Member of Power County Development Authority

Greg Seibert
Department of Commerce, State of Idaho

Brandon Bird
Director, Bingham Economic Development Corporation